Sunday, September 30, 2018

What's Missing from my '66T set?

With only 8 cards left to go towards competition of the 1966 Topps baseball card set, the counter on my collection just turned to 590 out of 598.  The final countdown for '66T has now finally begun.  The first missing card is #555 Ron Perranoski of the Los Angeles Dodgers.  

The second missing card is #563 Pete Cimino and Cesar Tovar of the Minnesota Twins.

The third missing card is #590 Bill Skowron of the Chicago White Sox.

The fourth missing card is #544 Joe Hoerner, Joe Kernek, and Jimmy Williams of the St. Louis Cardinals.  The extra space shown is for #570 Art Mahaffey, which is currently on the way through the mail system. 

The fifth missing card is #556 Mel Queen of the Cincinnati Reds.

The sixth missing card is #547 Horace Clarke of the New York Yankees.

The seventh missing card is #561 Choo Choo Coleman of the New York Mets.

The eighth missing card is #591, which is a NL Rookie Stars card featuring Bart Shirley of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Grant Jackson of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Although there are only 8 cards left to go, the time it could take for me to complete this set is unknown due to the high costs of high number cards from the 1966 set.  I've set my limit for final series purchases at 30% BV (normally 10%-20% BV).  Even at this limit, it's difficult to find high-series cards for purchase.  For example, #591 books for $40 yet the cheapest Buy It Now offer on Ebay right now is over $98, which is almost 250% BV--insane.  I'm looking to pay $12 for this card, so it'll probably take a while.

In the meantime, I'm also working on other vintage sets.  For the '60s decade, I've already completed 1969, 1968, 1962, and 1960.  My 1965 set is missing 1 card, 1967 is missing 11 cards, 1961 is missing 76 cards, and 1964 is missing 92 cards.  The only '60s set not really in the running for completion is 1963, which is missing 280 cards.  I'll just continue to follow the deals, which seem to rotate throughout the different sets over time.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

1970 vs 1971 Topps Scratch-Off insert sets

     This is a topic that I've been meaning to cover for a number of years, but just haven't ever gotten around to doing so--until now.  There are 2 distinct 24-card insert sets that were introduced as part of both the 1970 and 1971 Topps baseball card sets.  The 1970 Topps Scratch-Off insert set has a white background interior, and the 1971 Topps Scratch-off insert set has a red background interior.  There.  I finally said it.  This has been a pet peeve of mine for probably a decade now.  Very few Ebay seller distinguish between the 2 sets, making it more difficult for me to complete both sets.  Even one of my favorite websites for vintage singles,, groups them all into 1970.  In terms of scarcity, I tend to find 5-10 inserts from the 1970 set before finding 1 from the 1971 set, so there is definitely a difference in scarcity between the two.  If you haven't add these 2 sets to your collection, I'd recommend checking them out.  My sets wouldn't feel complete without them.