Thursday, December 28, 2017

1962 Topps Set: One Down and One More Left to Go

     It's been so long since I've added a new '62T card to my collection that I can't even remember who or what the last card was.  Just a few days ago, I received another addition to my '62T set, which brings my collection to within 1 card of completion.  Yes, Bob Miller was the missing link towards completing my last-place-finishing, inaugural Mets team set.

     All that's left for me now is one of the final eight Rookie Parade cards featuring Doc Edwards, Ken Retzer, Don Pavletich, Doug Camilli, and Bob Uecker.  This card sells for way over the NM Book Value of $80, and should probably be reconsidered at the $125-$150 BV range.  Anyways, I'm holding out for 25% of the current $80 BV (or $20).  Obviously, this might take me a little while.  One important thing to note is that there are plenty of counterfeits of this card out there. 

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