Sunday, August 27, 2017

My 1950 Bowman set is finally complete

After 4 years, 5 months, and 17 days, I've finally completed the 1950 Bowman baseball card set.  For probably over a year now, the only card keeping me from making the claim to owning the 1950 Bowman set was Jackie Robinson.  As a low-grade vintage collector, I was originally looking to pay only 5% BV (or $60) for his card.  The problem is that just more than a month after acquiring my first '50B card on 3/8/2013, the movie "42" came out.  Before then, I was seeing J.Rob's online for $75-$90.  After the movie came out, It was hard to find one for under $150.  I got lucky, and found this one for $99.99, which arrived yesterday on 8/25/2017.    

I only started collecting the '50B set because I needed a set to complete the '50s decade since Topps didn't come out until 1951.  The '50B set represented the first set I collected outside the Topps brand.  I like that these cards are roughly the same size as the 1951 Topps cards, creating a short-lived standard card size for four sets between 1948-1951.  This is also the only pre-1968 set I've completed to date.  Next in line for completion will probably be 1962, 1960, and 1951.