Sunday, February 26, 2017

2010-2011 Topps: Ivan Rodriguez, Texas Rangers-Washington Nationals, C

Congratulations to Ivan Rodriguez for his 1st ballot selection to the MLB Hall of Fame with 76% of the vote.  Rodriguez played 21 seasons between 1991-2011 mostly for the Rangers, but also with the Tigers, Nationals, Marlins, Yankees, and Astros.  He was a 14-time All-Star, 13-time Gold Glover, 7-time Silver Slugger, and an A.L. MVP for the Rangers in 1999.  Rodriguez earned a World Series ring with the Marlins in 2003 as the NLCS MVP, and appeared in another World Series with the Tigers in 2006.  He also helped the Rangers into the postseason in 1996, 1998, and 1999.  Defensively, Rodriguez often led the league in Putouts, Assists, Double Plays Turned, Range Factor, and Fielding Percentage as a Catcher.

1928 Tharp's F50 (1972 TCMA reprint) #45/59: Paul/Lloyd Waner, Pittsburgh Pirates

Hall of Fame brothers Paul and Lloyd Waner, were featured early in their careers on the 1928 F50 sets.  Older brother, Paul, played 20 years from 1926-1945, mostly for the Pirates.  He was often a league leader in Runs, Hits, Doubles, Triples, RBI, and Batting Avg, helping the Pirates to the World Series in 1927 against the Yankees.  Younger brother, Lloyd, was still is his rookie season against the Yankees in 1927 with an 18-year career lasting through 1945, often leading the league in multiple category as well.

2005 Topps #160: Jeff Bagwell, Houston Astros, 1B

Congratulations to Jeff Bagwell for his selection the MLB's Hall of Fame with 86.2% of the vote on his 7th year on the ballot.  The 1991 NL Rookie of the Year and 1994 NL MVP won 3 Silver Slugger awards and 1 Gold Glove award with 4 All-Star appearances during his 15-year career.  He led the National League in Runs, Doubles, RBI, Walks, Slugging, OPS, and Total Bases during his career.  Bagwell helped the Astros into the playoffs in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2004, and 2005.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

2002 Topps Traded #T52: Tim Raines, Florida Marlins, OF

     Hall of Famer Tim Raines could have had another World Series ring if only he could have held on for just one more year.  After 23 seasons spanning from 1979-2002, Raines left the game at the age of 42.  He spent 10 years on the Hall of Fame ballot before being elected during his final season of eligibility with 86% of the vote.  Raines was one of the best base stealers in the 1980's that could get on base with a single or double, and score runs.  The 7-time All-Star led the N.L in stolen bases 4 times and finished his career with a total of 808 SB's, which puts him in the Top 5 behind R.Henderson, L.Brock, B.Hamilton, and T.Cobb.  Raines also led his league in Batting Avg, Doubles, and Runs during his career.  Congratulations to one of the newest members of the MLB HOF.

Friday, February 24, 2017

1928 Tharp's F50 (1972 TCMA reprint) #4: Red Faber, Chicago White Sox, P

  The F50 ice cream sets were probably the most definitive sets of the late 1920's.  Consisting of a total of 60 different 1-3/8" x 2-9/16" cards, the F50 set was produced by 3 different ice cream companies--Tharp's, Yuengling's, and Harrington's.  The sets made by the 3 ice cream companies were nearly identical except for the message on the card back.  Also, 2 different versions of the #6 Babe Ruth card exist.  The complete set was reprinted in its original size by TCMA in 1972.

     Red Faber was inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame in 1964 by the Veteran's Committee after appearing on the HOF ballot 17 times between 1937-1962.  His HOF career spanned 20 seasons with the Chicago White Sox between 1914-1933, with a World Series Championship against the New York Giants in 1917.  Faber pitched 4 of the 6 games, winning games 2, 5, and 6 to clinch the championship.  He did not participate on the 1919 World Series team, although he was still a member of the team.  Faber completed his career with 254 Wins and a 3.15 ERA in over 4086 Innings Pitched.  

1988 Topps Gallery of Champions Aluminum: McGwire, Gwynn, Boggs, Dawson, Santiago

     Here are some more metal cards from the 1988 Topps Gallery of Champions Aluminum set.  This is a really cool set that is still very affordable--especially the '88 set.  For those still not in the know, these Gallery of Champions sets began production with 12 bronze cards in 1984.  The original set was actually called Gallery of Immortals, but the name changed shortly afterward.  A 12-card metal set was released each year through 1991, and then again in 1995 under a different name.  In 1984 and 1985, the GC sets were only released in bronze and silver.  In 1986, Topps started making GC sets in Aluminum, Bronze, and Silver.  In addition to the 12-card metal sets, Bronze Premiums (1983-1991) and Pewter Bonuses (1984-1991) were released at a rate of 1 per year.  I've just been fascinated by these metal cards. and collect all but the silver cards right now.  Top on my wantlist are the Pewter bonus cards from '84, '90, '91, and the 1985 GC Bronze set.