Monday, April 11, 2016

1939 Play Ball #83: Gus Suhr, Pittsburgh Pirates, 1B

     Gus Suhr was born in San Francisco during the year of its historic 1906 earthquake, and then lived to tell about it for over 98 years.  He began playing professionally in 1925, reaching the majors in 1930 with the Pirates.  Suhr remained with the Pirates until being traded to the Phillies halfway through the 1939 season.  He made the All-Star team in 1936, often leading the league in Games Played.  Suhr was top 5 in the league for Walks 7 times as well as Triples 7 times during his career. He made the league top 3 in Putout 7 times during his career also.  Suhr played for the Phillies in 1940 before spending the rest of his career in the minors until 1948.

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