Monday, June 29, 2015

1968 Topps set build

With every Topps sets completed down to 1970, the primary focus of my collecting these days is on the 1968 and 1969 Topps sets.  Of course, I have my all-time favorite sets that I continue to build when the value is greater like the '50B, '51T, '54T, '60T, '62T, and '66T sets.  Here are a few of the star/semi-star cards that I received in the mail today as my 1968 Topps set continues to climb to well over half completion.

1955 Bowman starter set

With only 13 cards missing from the 1950 Bowman set, it was only at matter of time before I would begin to branch out to collecting other vintage Bowman cards.  I consider myself a Topps baseball card collector almost exclusively, but the brand didn't start manufacturing baseball card set until 1951.  In order to complete the 1950's decade, I started collecting 1950 Bowmans.  Then, I started collecting 1949 and 1948 Bowmans because they were the same size as the 1950 Bowmans and 1951 Topps cards.  Now, the floodgates have opened and I am now collecting all Bowmans from 1948-1955.  Since Topps now owns Bowman, I consider this justifiable and in line with my 20th-Century Topps Baseball card blog theme.  The 1955 Bowman set contains very reasonably priced commons in low-grade condition.  Here's what I've managed to compile so far with the exception of the Mickey Mantle commemorative reprint.    

1954 Topps #63: Johnny Pesky, Detroit Tigers, 2B

Perhaps best known to fans as a Boston Red Sox player from 1942-1952, Johnny Pesky was traded to the Detroit Tigers in a 9-player deal in the spring of 1952.  Pesky played for the Tigers through the spring of 1954 when he was traded to the Washington Senators/Nationals to finish out his MLB playing career at the end of that season.

This card is part of the short printed numbers from #51-75 that are valued a little higher than the rest of the 250-card set.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

1953 Bowman Washington Senators/Nationals Team Set

     Among my some of my more recent acquisitions include the 1953 Bowman reprint sets consisting of 160 Color cards and 64 B&W cards.  Shown below are only the Washington Senators cards from the sets in order from oldest to youngest.  Originals have replaced reprint cards where available.  Included are: Bucky Harris, Mickey Vernon, Walt Masterson, Sandalio Consuegra, Clyde Vollmer, Mickey Grasso, Frank Shea, Bob Porterfield, Gil Coan, Ken Wood, Ed Yost, Don Johnson, Jim Busby, Jackie Jensen, and Pete Runnels.

1951 Topps Baseball Partial Set

Lots of new vintage additions although relatively few posts.  With 52 total cards from 1951 Topps, I've completed nearly half of the 106-card set (including variations).  Below, there are 45 A-Series/Redbacks and 7 B-Series/Bluebacks.  The two A-Series variation cards, which I like to refer to as Topps Traded cards are included below.  The two Traded cards consist of Gus Zernial as a White Sox and Athletic, and Tommy Holmes as a Brave and minor league manager.  The cards are organized by team sets in order of team performance in 1951.  This was the year that the Yankees won their 3rd consecutive World Series victory in a 5-year span.  Their opponent was the New York Giants, who beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in a tie-breaker playoff game to win the N.L. pennant.