Monday, November 24, 2014

2003 Topps Traded baseball card set #1-275

Finally, after more than a decade of waiting, the 2003 Topps Traded set is now part of my collection.  Headlining this set is the Robinson Cano RC, but there are tons of star rookie and veteran cards to be found in this outstanding set.      

Now, Seriously--What's a 2003 Topps baseball card set without Jack McKeon (#T119), Ivan Rodriguez (#T27), and Miguel Cabrera (#T126)?  The Marlins won the World Series that year.  These are must-have cards for this set.  Other '03 Traded Marlins cards include Ugueth Urbina (#T87), Juan Pierre (#T1), Josh Willingham (#T222), Jim Kavourias (#T134), Matt Demarco (#T259), Eric Reed (#T266), Denny Bautista (#T143), and Tyson Graham (#T251).

Yes, that's a 2006 Topps Mickey Mantle #MM2003 integrated into my 2003 Topps set.  In 2006, Topps went back and replaced the retired #7 cards from 1996-2005, which I've been able to complete.

Of course, the key to this set is not the Mick, but Cano.

How about David Ortiz's (#T52) first card as a Red Sox player...

...or Hanley Ramirez's (#T181) first card ever?  The 2003 Topps base set didn't even have a Manager card for the Cubs, until Dusty Baker (#T116) came along, fresh off of a World Series appearance with the San Francisco Giants team in 2002.  He even took the Cubs to the playoffs in 2003.

The Braves had plenty of rookies and prospects in the '03T Traded set like Adam Wainwright (#T159), Brian McCann (#T209), and Adam LaRoche (not shown) among some others below.
1980's stars Rickey Henderson (#T73) and Fred McGriff (#T99) were showing they still had what it took to complete in the 2000's. 

There are plenty more great cards in this set, but not enough time for me to list them all. 

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