Saturday, September 13, 2014

1950 Bowman: Boston Braves Team Set (15)

Another completed team set to check off from my '50B collection wantlist thanks to the acquisition of Warren Spahn yesterday.  The online seller didn't mention that the card had been trimmed (which is generally a no-no for me), but at roughly 5%-6% BV, I'll just ignore leaving feedback for this purchase altogether.  Generally, unmentioned trimmed cards will result in automatic negative feedback from me (actually never followed through).  The seller posted pictures of both sides of the card alongside another, and referred to the pictures for reference.  You be the judge.    

Anyhow, the Boston Braves' 83-71 record under Hall-of-Fame Manager Billy Southworth was good enough for 4th in the NL and 8th Overall in 1950.  It would have been nice if Bowman had made a Southworth manager card in 1950 to commemorate a man whose playing career had spanned from 1913-1929, and then again as a manager from 1929-1951.  Instead, 8-time all-star catcher, Walker Cooper ('50B #111), would lead off as the veteran player for the '50 Braves team.  Cooper was backed up that year by the runner-up for the '49 NL ROY, Del Crandell ('50B #56).  Crandell would miss the Braves final two seasons in Boston due to military service during the Korean War, but would come back to the Brave team in Milwaukee for the 1953 season.  Former MVP and 6-time all-star, Bob Elliot ('50B #20), played all but 12 games as the starting 3rd Baseman in 1950. 

Earl Torgeson ('50B #163) and Buddy Kerr ('50B #55) each played every game as the starting 1st Baseman and starting Shortstop, respectively.  Sibby Sisti ('50B #164), whose playing career spanned from 1939-1954 with the Braves, served as a utility infielder for the Braves in 1950.  The primary starting 2nd Baseman was Roy Hartsfield (no card).

Sid Gordon ('50B #109), Sam Jethroe ('50B #248), and Tommy Holmes ('50B #110) all covered the Outfield for a majority of the Braves games in 1950.  Willard Marshall ('50B #73) and Pete Reiser ('50 #193) also contributed to the outfield that year. 

The starting rotation for the '50 Braves consisted of Vern Bickford ('50B #57), Warren Spahn ('50B #19), and Johnny Sain (no card).  The primary relievers for the Braves were Bob Chipman ('50B #192), Normie Roy (no card), Johnny Antonelli ('50B #74), and Bob Hall (no card).  The primary closer was Bobby Hoque (no card).

The 1950 Boston Braves were just two years removed from their 1948 World Series appearance, and just two years removed from their final season as a Boston franchise after 1952. 

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