Tuesday, August 12, 2014

1983 Topps All-Star Collector's Edition insert set #1-40

In 1983, Topps released its first of 8 consecutive All-Star Collector's Edition insert sets (Topps Glossy Send-Ins).  Could this set actually represent the first glossy cards ever released by Topps?  I'm not really sure about that, but do people still even use the term "glossy" in reference baseball cards these days?  Everything is glossy, and so is this set.     

Placed at the back of my 1983 Topps set binder consisting of a total of 792 base cards and 132 traded cards, the 40-card Topps Glossy Send-in set makes a nice addition to my otherwise complete set.  I counted a total of 16 Hall-of-Famers in this set: C.Yastrzemski, R.Yount, M.Schmidt, D.Winfield, R.Gossage, C.Fisk, G.Carter, J.Palmer, R.Carew, N.Ryan, R.Henderson, G.Brett, S.Carlton, R.Jackson, E.Murray, and B.Sutter. 

There are also cards for other superstars like: P.Rose, D.Concepcion, F.Valenzuela, D.Murphy, and D.Baker.  More than half of the cards in this set are certainly winners.

The All-Star Game Commemorative insert sets would not be released until the following year in 1984, while the Rookies Commemorative insert sets would not be released for another 4 years in 1987.

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