Sunday, January 26, 2014

1971 Topps #659: Byron Browne OF, Philadelphia Phillies

Byron Browne played for 4 different teams in the 8 years he spent in the majors between 1965-1972.  Browne was acquired by the Phillies after the 1969 season from St. Louis along with Tim McCarver, Joe Hoerner, Willie Montanez, and Jim Browning in exchange for Cookie Rojas, Jerry Johnson, and Dick Allen.  Browne continued playing in the minors through the 1975 season.

BV: $12.00
Cost: $3.00 (paid 25% BV)
Condition: VG-EX 4.0 (worth 30% BV)
Completion: 744 of 752 (98% complete)
Comment:  The stains shown on the front of the player are actually from the scanner, not the card.  My posts for the '71T and '72T sets are now caught up, with the '71T set in the lead for the first time.  Since I've been collecting the '72T longer, this reaffirms my belief that it is actually more difficult to complete than the '71T set.  I still have about 23 new '70T cards left to post at this point.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

1971 Topps #649: Sparky Lyle P, Boston Red Sox

Sparky Lyle played his 5th and final year for the Red Sox in 1971.  He completed the year with a .600 win percentage and 2.75 ERA through 52.1 innings pitched during 50 different games as a reliever.  During the offseason, the Red Sox traded Lyle to the Yankees for Danny Cater and Mario Guerrero.    

BV: $15.00
Cost: $2.50 (paid 16% BV)
Condition: G-VG 2.5 (worth 15% BV)
Completion: 743 of 752 (98% complete)
Comment:  Like the '72 set, only 9 cards left to go for the '71 set.

Friday, January 24, 2014

1971 Topps #603: Pittsburgh Pirates Team

The 1971 Pirates finished the regular season 7 games ahead of the 2nd place Cardinals to win the NL East division with a 97-65 record.  The Pirates defeated the NL West division champion Giants in the NLCS in 4 games, and then defeated the ALCS champion Orioles in 7 games to win the World Series in 1971.  They were led by former player, Danny Murtaugh, who also brought Pittsburgh a World Series championship in his fourth year at the helm in 1960.  The primary position players were: Manny Sanguillen C; Bob Robertson 1B; Dave Cash 2B; Gene Alley SS; Richie Hebner 3B; Willie Stargell LF; Al Oliver CF; and Roberto Clemente RF.  The primary starting rotation consisted of: Steve Blass P; Dock Ellis P; Bob Johnson P; Luke Walker P; Bob Moose P; and Bruce Kison P.  The primary relievers were: Nelson Briles P; Jim Grant P; Bob Veale P; and Jim Nelson P.  The primary closer was: Dave Giusti P.

BV: $8.00
Cost: $3.00 (paid 37% BV)
Condition: VG 3.0 (worth 20% BV)
Completion: 742 of 752 (98% complete)
Comment: This one was a little tough to find in accordance with book prices; however; I decided to give in just a little bit on this one, with only 10 cards left to go now. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1972 topps #739: Don Mason IF, San Diego Padres

Don Mason was just coming off of his most active season in 1972, with 377 total plate appearances in 113 games during his first of three years with the Padres the previous season.  He played primarily at 2B during his 8 year MLB career, which began with the Giants in 1966.  After his major league career ended in 1973, Mason continued playing for one more season at the AAA level in Hawaii.

BV: $12.00 (common high #)
Cost: $2.39 (paid 20% BV)
Condition: VG-EX 4.0 (worth 30% BV)
Completion: 778 of 787 (98% complete)
Comment:  With 9 missing cards left,  I'm only one binder page away from completing the '72T set.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

1972 Topps (Traded) #755: Steve Carlton P, Philadelphia Phillies

In an earlier post, I mentioned that the Cey/Oglivie/Williams Rookie Stars card was one of the most difficult '72T high-number cards to obtain at an appropriate percentage of the listed book value.  Another card from the set that is about equally difficult to obtain at an appropriate percentage of the listed book value is Steve Carlton's "Traded" card.  When I first began collecting this set around 2007, it was the first time that I had to purchase the cards individually due to the cost of obtaining a complete (or near complete) set.  To build this set, I attended card shows, visited local card shops, and made purchases online.  From the start, I set my upper price limit at around 20% BV, which translates to a condition of roughly around VG.  I did not really take condition into much consideration; however; being more concerned with the bottom line price than condition.  As I compiled more and more of the '72T set, the 20% BV upper price limit was lifted to become 25% BV.  Throughout the past 7 or so years, there were only two cards that I could not find for anywhere near my established price limitations.  The first one was #761; the other was Steve Carlton's traded card.  At 20% BV, I was expecting to pay only $8.00 for the card initially.  When I began collecting at 25% BV, I was expecting to pay under $10.00 for the card.  Although the differential was not as great as the R.Cey RC, it was difficult enough to become of the last 10 cards needed to complete my set (post listed out of order).

BV: $40.00 (listed star)
Cost: $8.95 (paid 22% BV)
Condition: VG+ 3.5 (worth 25% BV)
Completion: 777 of 787 (98% complete)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 Hall of Fame Inductees: Maddux, Glavine, & Thomas

Today, three former major league players were voted into the Hall of Fame based on the requirement to receive at least 75% of the votes out of this year's 571 total ballots.  Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and Frank Thomas will be formally inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame at Cooperstown, NY in July of 2014. 

2009 Topps #287: Greg Maddux (Final Card) received 97% of the total votes during his first year of eligibility after retiring in 2008.

2008 Topps #600: Tom Glavine (Final Card) received 91% of the total votes during his first year of eligibility after retiring in 2008.

2009 Topps #24: Frank Thomas (Final Card) received 83% of the total votes during his first year of eligibility after retiring in 2008.

Other notable former Stars, Semi-Stars, and Minor Star players receiving at least the minimum 5% of total voting required to remain on the Hall of Fame ballot for up to 15 years, include: Craig Biggio (74%), Mike Piazza (62%), Jack Morris (61%), Jeff Bagwell (54%), Tim Raines (46%), Roger Clemens (35%), Barry Bonds (34%), Lee Smith (29%), Curt Schilling (29%), Edgar Martinez (25%), Alan Trammell (20%), Mike Mussina (20%), Jeff Kent (15%), Fred McGriff (11%), Mark McGwire (11%), Larry Walker (10%), Don Mattingly (8%), and Sammy Sosa (7%).
Other notable former Minor Star players receiving less than the minimum 5% of total voting required to remain on the Hall of Fame ballot, but receiving at least 1 vote, include: Rafael Palmeiro (4%), Moises Alou (1%), Hideo Nomo (1%), Luis Gonzalez (0%), J.T. Snow (0%), Eric Gagne (0%), Armando Benitez (0%), Kenny Rogers (0%), and Jacque Jones (0%).
Other notable above average players appearing on the Hall of Fame Ballot, but receiving no votes, include: Paul Lo Duca, Richie Sexson, Sean Casey, Todd Jones, Ray Durham, and Mike Timlin.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

1970 Topps #644: Gerry Nyman P, San Diego Padres

Gerry Nyman played in the majors for 3 seasons with 2 different teams between 1968-1970.  He was traded to the Padres by the White Sox for Tommy Sisk just before the start of the '70 season.  Although 1969 was his most active year, 1968 was perhaps Nyman's best year, posting a .667 win percentage with a 2.01 ERA through 40.1 innings pitched.

BV: $10.00 (common high #)
Cost: ?
Condition: VG-EX 4.0
Completion: 655 of 720 (90% complete)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1970 Topps #638: Frank Bertaina P, Baltimore Orioles

Frank Bertaina spent much of the 1970 season in the minors before the being purchased by the St. Louis Cardinals in August where Bertaina would finish his major league career by season's end.  For the Cardinals, Bertaina pitched during 31.1 innings over 8 total games while maintaining a 3.16 ERA with a .333 win percentage.  He played in the majors during a total of 7 seasons between 1964-1970 for 3 different teams.  Bertaina was a member of the World Series championship Orioles team of 1966.

BV: $10.00 (common high #)
Cost: ?
Condition: VG+ (worth 25% BV)
Completion: 654 of 720 (90% complete)
Comment: Centering is 3.0, Corners are 4.0, Surface is 4.5, and Edges are better than 7.0.  Beckett allows a half-grade or full grade increase from the lowest rating when the other ratings significantly contribute raising the overall rating.  The lowest rating is the centering, which is governed by the 15/85 in the L-R direction.  All of the other ratings are high enough, in my opinion, to bring the lowest rating up by at least a half grade (or to a value of $2.50).  To measure centering, I use an engineer scale.  The 60 bar breaks an inch into 60 notches.  My measurements in the L-R direction were 2 and 10 for a total of 12 notches.  I put 2 into 12 for better than 15/85.