Saturday, December 28, 2013

1971 Topps #734: Rob Gardner P, New York Yankees

Rob Gardner pitched in only 1 game for the Yankees in 1970.  At the start of the '71 season, he was traded to the Oakland A's along with Ron Klimkowski for Felipe Alou.  The following month, Oakland actually traded Gardner back to the Yankees for Curt Blefary after pitching in only 4 games.  He pitched in only 2 more games for the Yankees the rest of the season.  Gardner had somewhat of a breakout year with the Yankees in 1972, pitching in 20 games with a .615 win percentage and a 3.06 ERA.  After the end of the season, the Yankees traded Gardner back to the A's again along with Rich McKenney for Matty Alou.  Rob Gardner played for a total of 6 major league teams during 8 seasons between 1965-1973. 

BV: $12.00
Cost: $3.00 (paid 25% BV)
Condition: EX 5.0 (worth 40% BV)
Completion: 740 of 752 (98% complete)
Condition: There's a little more wear on all four corners than just a little fuzziness, but there are no dings or creases.  The card is very well centered with nice surface gloss and only a minor scratch near the bottom-left corner.  The edges have some roughness, slight notching, and only a little chipping.

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