Sunday, April 28, 2013

1950 Bowman #17: Sid Hudson, Washington Senators, P

Sid Hudson...

BV: $50 (for commons)
Cost: $1.95 (paid 3.9% BV)
Condition: PR 1.0 (worth 5% BV)
Completion: 17 of 252 (6% complete)
Comment: Here is my first low number contribution to the '50 Bowman set.  It's a solid poor condition card with a deteriorated surface, noticeable creasing, and corner rounding.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

1950 Bowman #222: Bobby Morgan, Brooklyn Dodgers, 3B

Bobby Morgan...

BV: $15 (for commons)
Cost: $1.95 (paid 13% BV)
Condition: FR 1.5 (worth 10% BV)
Completion: 16 of 252 (6% complete)
Comment:  There's plenty of front surface, edge, and corner wear; but there is no creasing further than 0.25 inches away from any corner.  I call it Fair--well worn and slightly abused.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

1950 Bowman #204: Granville Hamner, Philadelphia Phillies, SS

Granny Hamner...

BV: $15 (for commons)
Cost: $3.00 (paid 20% BV)
Condition: FR 1.5 (worth 10% BV)
Completion: 15 of 252 (5% complete)
Comment:  Here's a post of one of the 1950 World Series contending Whiz Kids.  I've been a little slow about writing the player descriptions lately due to the beginning of the baseball season.  Keep looking back for updates to the missing player descriptions. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

1950 Bowman #138: Allie Reynolds, New York Yankees, P

Allie Reynolds...

BV: $60 (listed star)
Cost: $4.92 (paid 8% BV)
Condition: PR 1.0 (worth 5% BV)
Completion: 14 of 252 (5% complete)
Comment:  The paper loss on the front of this card makes it a borderline collectible for me.  The rip is a little distracting, but is still acceptable since the damage is contained completely within the uniform pinstripes.  I would have preferred to pay only $3-$4 for a card like this, but a '50 Reynolds card for under 10% BV in any condition still seems to be difficult to find.  This one had been listed online for sale quite a while before I decided to pick it up, which probably means I overpaid.

Monday, April 15, 2013

1950 Bowman #217: Casey Stengel, New York Yankees, MGR

Casey Stengel...

BV: $125 (for listed star)
Cost: $12.50 (paid 10% BV)
Condition: VG+ 3.5 (worth 35% BV)
Completion: 13 of 252 (5% complete)
Comment:  Here is one of baseball's greatest legends...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

1951 Topps #A-28: Elmer Valo, Philadelphia Athletics, OF

Elmer Valo was born on 3/5/1921 in Rybnik, Czechoslovakia.  Valo began playing for the Philadelphia Athletics in 1940.  He missed two years to served in the military during WWII in '44 and '45, but was back with the A's in '46.  Valo remained with the A's during their move from Philadelphia in 1954 to Kansas City in 1955.  In 1957, Valo was traded to the Dodgers during their final year in Brooklyn and moved to Los Angeles with the team the following year.  He was traded to the Indians in 1959, and then to the Yankees in 1960.  That same year, Valo was also traded to the Washington Senators before moving with the team to Minnesota in 1961, where the team would change their name to the Twins.  Later that same year, Valo would finish out his major league playing career after being traded to the Phillies.  Elmer Valo passed away on 7/19/1998 in Palmerton, PA at the age of 77.

BV: $10 (for commons)
Cost: $0.99 (paid 10% BV)
Condition: G-VG 2.5 (worth 20% BV)
Completion: 18 of 104 (17% complete)
Comment:  Valo was a big name for the A's in both Philadelphia and Kansas City, but I'm not sure how that actually translates to his star status since the team didn't perform very well during the 50's.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

1951 Topps #A-23: Ray Boone, Cleveland Indians, SS

Ray Boone was born on 7/23/1923 in San Diego, CA.  Boone began playing for the Indians in 1948, where he won his only World Series championship against the Browns during his rookie season.  He was traded to the Tigers in 1953, where Boone would become a two time All-Star in '54 and '56, and also led the league in RBI's during '55.  In 1958, he was traded to the White Sox.  In 1959, Boone was traded twice more--first to the K.C. Athletics, then to the Milwaukee Braves.  During his final major league season in 1960, Boone was traded to the Red Sox.  Ray Boone passed away on 10/17/2004 in San Diego, CA at the age of 81.

BV: $15 (for semi-stars)
Cost: $1.04 (paid 7% BV)
Condition: G-VG 2.5 (worth 20% BV)
Completion: 17 of 104 (16% complete)
Comment:  The '51 set seems to have quite a few multi-generational ballplayers for its size, and here's another one.  Ray's son, Bob Boone, played in the majors for a number of years as well as two of his grandsons, Bret and Aaron Boone.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

1950 Bowman #156: Fred Sanford, New York Yankees, P

Fred Sanford was born on 8/9/1919 in Garfield, UT.  Sanford began playing for the St. Louis Browns in 1943, where he remained throughout the majority of his major league career.  He missed the '44 and '45 seasons to serve in the military during WWII, but was back with the Browns in '46.  After leading the league in losses in '48, Sanford was traded to the Yankees in 1949.  He was awarded a World Series ring in '49 and '50 during the beginning of the Yankees stretch of 5 consecutive championships.  Sanford was traded to the Washington Senators during the '51 season, and then back to the Browns the same year where Sanford finished out his major league playing career by the end of the season.  Fred Sanford passed away on 3/15/2011 in Salt Lake City, UT at the age of 91. 

BV: $15 (for commons)
Cost: $2.99 (paid 20% BV)
Condition: PR 1.0 (worth 5% BV)
Completion: 12 of 252 (4% complete)
Comment:  Despite severe creasing, this is still a complete, readable, and very collectible card for me in poor condition.  There is no extraneous writing and nothing's missing that shouldn't be, which I think is most important for low grade card collecting.  As a side note, I did notice an early-50's Topps card (1953, I think) for sell online that had "obviously" been trimmed (which was unstated in the description) and was listed in poor condition with no further details except to look at the picture (only front shown).  I almost sent an e-mail to the seller stating that the alteration must be listed alongside its condition.  Although I said this card was "obviously" trimmed, an untrained eye may not have caught it before placing a bid.  The card looked much better than "poor" at first glance (which made me take a closer look at it), but if I had purchased the card and later determined that it was actually trimmed, the seller would have received no better than neutral feedback (which I have never done to a seller).  The moral of the story is: a beat-up card in poor condition is an obvious, but a good-looking trimmed card can be deceiving to buyers.  The "buyer beware" approach to selling cards is not acceptable.  Tricking people always deserves less than positive feedback. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

1950 Bowman #205: Mike Goliat, Philadelphia Phillies, IF

Mike Goliat was born on 11/5/1921 in Yatesboro, PA.  Goliat began playing for the Phillies in 1949, where he would appear in the '50 World Series against the Yankees.  He was traded to the St. Louis Browns during the '51 season, where Goliat would end his major league career after 1952.  Mike Goliat passed away on 1/13/2004 in Seven Hills, OH at the at of 82.

BV: $15 (for commons)
Cost: $1.95 (paid 13% BV)
Condition: PR 1.0 (worth 5% BV)
Completion: 11 of 252 (4% complete)
Comment:  Although I've listed this as a Poor condition card, it must also be noted that the card back has paper loss resulting in an inability to read the entire description.  The bullet hole looking dent on the player's forehead and the vertical crease down the center would still be acceptable flaws to me otherwise, which I would have probably still given a Good rating if not for the paper loss.  This card came as part of a larger lot, which is the only reason that it's included in my collection of '50 Bowmans as I don't typically purchase cards in this shape.  If listed for sale online, the identification of paper loss must be indicated in addition to its grade due to the severity of the damage.  A typical Poor condition card can get by with just the grade, but this is a special type of Poor card that falls into a similar category with trimmed and marked cards.