Friday, January 17, 2020

High-Dollar 53B Card Binge

I just went on somewhat of a binge on some high-dollar cards from the 1953 Bowman set.  Without any deals on the few cards I need to complete multiple other sets, I went elsewhere and found the deals on some 53B Stars.  These 8 cards put me at just over 50% completion at 114 cards out of 224 total.  For you segregationists out there, the breakdown includes 64% (103 of 160) of the Color subset and 17% (11 of 64) of the B&W subset.  The highlight of this binge features #44 Mantle-Berra-Bauer with an $800 BV.         

#99 Warren Spahn $350 BV

#97 Ed Mathews $350 BV

#46 Roy Campanella $350 BV (slabbed and ready to be cracked)

#160 Cal Abrams $300 BV (last card in set)

#15 Johnny Mize $125 BV

#28 Smokey Burgess $50 BV

#2 Willard Nixon $40 BV

Thursday, January 16, 2020

1952 Topps #30 Mel Parnell, Boston Red Sox

At 11% completion, the 1952 Topps set has the lowest percentage filled for my entire collection beginning with 1948 Bowman.  I found this $70 card for $4.01 so I jumped on it.  Eventually, I'll have to pay more attention to 1952 Topps, but early on, I focused on completing 1951 Topps and 1950 Bowman.  

Mel Parnell played 10 seasons for the Boston Red Sox from 1947-1956 with 2 All-Star team appearances.  1949 was probably his best season when Parnell led the league with 25 Wins and a 2.77 ERA in 295.1 Innings Pitched.  

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

I think Christmas is Over

Someone was nice enough to send me these 2 holiday cards as a bonus with one of my 1956 Topps team card purchases.  Now I can add another 2019 label to my posts.

I really didn't know what to do with them since I've gotten out of the modern card game.

So I started ripping them as I tend to do now with worthless cards that I don't need.

I figured that someone else might benefit slightly with one less of their favorite card available in the marketplace.  I know I'd be happy if every collector ripped a few hundred or even thousand 1987 Topps cards.  I heard that there were too many of them produced to even make a dent.  It sounds like an excuse.  They really knew how to collect cards in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.  In the 1980s and 1990s, collectors thought they knew better than their prehistoric counterparts.  Look how that turned out.  I'm too old to put them in my bike spokes, toss them against the wall, or carry them in my pocket.  So, I rip them...       

...and burn them.  Ah, what a sweet smelling oblation to the Lord.  Don't be a card worshipper.  Remove that idol from your life.  It cannot save you.  Don't be afraid to sacrifice a few.  Post it.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

1957 Topps #1 Ted Williams, Boston Red Sox

As I run out of sets to collect, 1957 Topps finds itself more and more appealing.  At $600 BV, this card is a little overvalued.  I purchased this one for $48 taxed and shipped.  I've seen it in the $40-$50 easily for quite a while.  Most stars cannot be obtained in the 6%-8% BV range in any condition.  I often comb for sales of 50's stars as close to 10% BV as I can get, but usually find deals as low as 12-15% BV these days.  This card is more like a $400 BV item than a $600 BV item.  That or the rest of the 50's Topps inventory needs to be raised.  I think it's the other way around though.  Since I know that price guides are pretty much stuck on their figures these days, I'd say this card can be had at a great deal.     

Monday, January 13, 2020

1956 Topps Team Cards

Over the weekend, I completed 25% of the 1956 Topps team cards, bringing the grand total to 12 out of 16 team cards. I'm still missing Cubs, Pirates, Dodgers, and Yankees.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

1957 Topps #81 Herm Wehmeier, St Louis Cardinals

I accidentally ordered this double in a mid-sized lot purchase of 1957 Topps recently. It was a little surprising to me since 1957 Topps is my least completed Topps set after 1952. So Herm Wehmeier has now become the topic of my latest post.

Herm Wehmeier played for 4 different teams over 13 seasons between 1948-1958, mostly for the Red.  Wehmeier's time with the Cardinals lasted from 1956-1958, but it wasn't his final team.  He was often a league leader in Walked Batters, Wild Pitches, and Hit Batters as well as Earned Runs given up.  I guess that doesn't really sound too good.  What's amazing is that he lasted 13 seasons, which there's really no statistic for.  By the way, this card is now listed for sale online.  😏

Saturday, January 11, 2020

1964 Topps #331 Mantle, Maris, Kaline, & Cash

Captured one of the last key cards of the 1964 Topps set on my slow way to completion.  Something like 23 cards to go with only a Niekro RC in my way and a bunch of overpriced $8 commons and $15 minor stars.  Should be able to find most of these for $1-$3 but not having much luck.  Anyways, Mantle and Maris are taken care of.