Sunday, February 9, 2020

1991 Topps Archives #281-307

This is a two-part series featuring all of the "cards that never were" from the 1991 Topps Archives set.  This part features the first 27 cards of this 54-card extension to the 1953 Topps set.  Unlike the original 53T's, the extension set does not consist of painted portraits, but it includes an all-star cast some really big names.    

Sunday, February 2, 2020

1953 Bowman #81: Enos Slaughter, St Louis Cardinals

I guess I'm collecting the 1953 Bowman set.  I can't seem to pick up any other cards I need.  Every since I talked about this set possibly being the best deal in vintage baseball at 5% BV, the price went up.  The good thing is that I can still find these at under 10% BV--at least for now.  Hall of Famer Country Slaughter is an $100 card in this set, shipped to me for $9.36 total.  This photo looks so nostalgic, but it appears like he's on some kind of long journey through the desert with three bats.  Hope he wasn't trying to plow a field with those bats now that I've given it another look.     

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

1953 Bowman B&W #4: Pat Mullin

Just slowly chipping away at the B&W cards from the 1953 Bowman set. Pat Mullin played 10 years for the Tigers from 1940-1953. Born in November 1917, Pat missed 4 full seasons of his prime years between the ages of 24-27 from 1942-1945 fighting in the Army during WWII. He made the All-Star team twice in 1947-1948 after leading the league as an Outfielder in a couple of defensive categories.  From 1954-1956, Pat played in the Tigers Minor League farm system.       

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

See you in Cooperstown!!!

I'll see you all in Cooperstown on Sunday 7/26.  I renewed my membership last Friday, and will be getting a brand new Mariners card this year.  This time I'll put my card in a penny sleeve so that I don't get wallet marks on my card again.  

Derek Jeter is a no-brainer Hall of Famer

This 1990 Topps set just keeps getting more and more popular.  I love this set.  I need a bunch of unopened wax boxes and factory sets for upgrades eventually.

It'll be interesting to see who shows up for Ted Simmons this year.  Last year's group of old-timers in attendance seemed a little thin to me.

Marvin Miller's induction should also bring a bunch of old-timers to the event.

I hope Cooperstown isn't so hot again this year.  Actually, as long as it doesn't rain I don't care.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

1956 Topps #341-342: Checklist Cards

On the day that Derek Jeter is elected to the Hall of Fame, I am writing about...checklist cards!  These are not just any old checklist cards though.  These are $300 BV each checklist cards. 

For some reason, checklist cards were not counted as part of the base set for 1956 and 1957 Topps.  What set is truly complete without the checklist cards though?  You know they're out there.  They came inside the same wax packs the cards came in that year.  How can you sleep at night with only 340 cards in a 342 card set?

These cards can actually be tough to get because you're talking similar price points as Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, Sandy Koufax, and Willie Mays.  I'm seeing them sell at an average of $20 each inked up, although lately, I've seen a few for under $15 each in decent shape.  Somehow, I was able to find these together as a pair for $16.65 total.  

 The 1956 Topps checklists are somewhat odd in the way they are numbered.  Checklist #1 includes series 1 & 3 while checklist #2 includes series 2 & 4.  For here on after, I will reference them as #341 and #342.  No 1956 Topps set is complete without them.  Happy hunting.  

Saturday, January 18, 2020

1956 Topps #83: Karl Spooner, Brooklyn Dodgers

Who was Karl Spooner?  He must have been a pretty lucky guy.  Not because he pitched only 31 regular season games in an MLB career that lasted barely 2 years (1954-55), but because during that short time he was able to earn the Dodgers' only World Series Championship in Brooklyn. Spooner pitched in games 2 and 6 of the 7-game World Series of 1955.

Game 2 went well for him. He faced 10 batters in 3 innings and struck out 5 (G. McDougald x2, J. Collins, B. Martin, J. Coleman), giving up only a hit (Y. Berra) and a walk (I. Noren). The other 3 batters faced in game 2 include E. Howard, T. Byrne, B. Cerv. Spooner's game 2 outing must have been impressive enough that he became the game 6 starter.

Game 6 didn't go so well for Spooner.  As the starter, he only lasted 0.1 innings before being taken out.  Spooner gave up all 5 runs in the Dodgers 1-5 loss to the Yankees.  He was able to strike out B. Martin again, but walked P. Rizzuto and G. McDougald, and then gave up RBI hits to Y. Berra and H. Bauer, before giving up a 3-run homer to B. Skowron.  Spooner was replaced by R. Meyer with only 1 out in the first inning.  He never pitched in another MLB game again, but would spend 3 more seasons in the Minors.  

Friday, January 17, 2020

High-Dollar 53B Card Binge

I just went on somewhat of a binge on some high-dollar cards from the 1953 Bowman set.  Without any deals on the few cards I need to complete multiple other sets, I went elsewhere and found the deals on some 53B Stars.  These 8 cards put me at just over 50% completion at 114 cards out of 224 total.  For you segregationists out there, the breakdown includes 64% (103 of 160) of the Color subset and 17% (11 of 64) of the B&W subset.  The highlight of this binge features #44 Mantle-Berra-Bauer with an $800 BV.         

#99 Warren Spahn $350 BV

#97 Ed Mathews $350 BV

#46 Roy Campanella $350 BV (slabbed and ready to be cracked)

#160 Cal Abrams $300 BV (last card in set)

#15 Johnny Mize $125 BV

#28 Smokey Burgess $50 BV

#2 Willard Nixon $40 BV