~ Grading & Pricing ~

         Here's the grading standard I use for buying and selling.  It's loosely based on the Beckett Grading Standard with some of my own adjustments for evening out the year groups and smoothing out the percentages between the groups.  It's a living document that changes from time to time.

Here's an excerpt from my Superstars and Unlisted Stars list consisting of only hall of famers.  I use this list for making comparisons when differentiating pricing categories.  To me, anyone on this list should be considered at least an Unlisted Star.  I mean, how can any Hall of Famer be considered as something less than a star? This list goes all the way back to Alexander Cartwright and includes every hall of famer, how they got in, when they started, when they finished, when they got in, and what they got in for. 

Here is an excerpt of my Minor Stars and Semi-stars list.  The divisions here are little more blurred than for superstars and unlisted stars.  To me, anyone that received at least 20% of the HOF vote during their best year should be considered at least a semi-star.  Anyone that received at least 5% of the HOF vote during their best year should be considered at least a minor star, which is minimum percentage required to remain on the ballot the following year.  Although this list includes everyone that ever received at least 1% of the HOF vote during their best year, some of these players might not be considered minor stars depending on your geography or other interests.  I included the 1%-4% players to even out the size of my 3 lists.  

Here is my Notable Players list.  It includes everyone that's ever received at least 1 vote towards the Hall of Fame, but less than 1% of the total vote during their best year.  Many of these players will be considered commons unless it's one of their early or rookie cards, or they represent a geographical hero for a particular fan bse.  For example, Luis Gonzalez would not be considered a common to Diamondbacks fans, and his early cards should value above the general population of cards, but he is also at the high end of this list with a 0.9% vote. 

Overall, I wish Beckett would include more analysis of this sort when determining price distributions.  Their late-80's pricing scheme is messed up.  They have Hall of famers priced as commons.  Ron Santo is still treated as a minor star in their pricing, etc.

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