Friday, September 8, 2017

Completing the 1960 Topps White Sox team set

Today's acquisition of Mike Garcia completes my 1960 Topps Chicago White Sox team set, and puts me within 21 cards of completing the 572-card set.  It looks like Mike Garcia fits in just in front of Minnie Minoso, which is hard for me to believe that anyone is older than Minoso.  All I can think of is Minoso's 1977 Topps highlight card featuring the oldest player to hit for the cycle (correction: to hit safely, see below).  Even though he probably wasn't that old, people really seemed to look old in those days.  The 2 blank spots are cards missing from the Milwaukee Braves team,

Here's the '77T Minoso card that I was talking about.  He doesn't appear to have aged much between 1960-1977.  Baseball-Reference lists him being born in 1925 (not 1922) making him 3 years younger, but still in his '50s by 1976-1977.   He actually played for the White Sox until 1980, but didn't get another MLB hit after 1976.  He even came up to bat for the independent league St. Paul Saints in 1993 (age 67) and 2003 (age 77).  I guess Minoso's name stands out to me so much because of his '77T card (year I was born) and the fact that he was a 7x All-Star between 1951-1960, appearing in the 1952 Topps set, and being a big part of the White Sox's World Series run in 1959.  He only recently passed away in 2015. 

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  1. Minoso's 1977 card just has him as the oldest player to get a hit; he didn't hit for the cycle.