Friday, May 27, 2016

1988 Topps Gallery of Champions Aluminum Set: Nolan Ryan, Houston Astros, P

     My first complete set of 12 Gallery of Champions metal cards arrived today.  Featured below is the Strikeout leader of 1987, Nolan Ryan.  As the most affordable of all of the Gallery of Champion sets, I actually purchased two complete sets of 1988 Topps Aluminum variation with my eye on a couple more.  The logic behind this is that I will eventually need a few extra display boxes as my set grows.  All Silver and Bronze GC sets from 1984-1991 come with a fancy display box.  The Aluminum sets didn't start coming with a display box until 1988, so my 1986-1987 sets will need one each.  Also, the 1983-1991 Bronze Premiums and 1984-1991 Pewter Bonuses were released individually and will also need a box for each set.  The final set released in 1995, Legends of the '60s Bronze Medallions, was also released individually each month and will eventually need a box too.  That adds up to about 5 additional display boxes I'll need to store my future collection, and the 1988 Topps Gallery of Champions Aluminum Sets appears to present the most affordable way to acquire those boxes.  It appears like I'll be selling a bunch of Aluminum singles from the 1988 set soon.

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