Thursday, May 26, 2016

1984 Topps Gallery of Champions Bronze Premium: Darryl Strawberry, New York Mets, OF

     This post represents the 1st addition to my metal cards collection.  As a big fan of '80s Topps baseball, I've combed through price guides and the internet in search of set completion.  I've seen these interesting cards occasionally over the years, but never really took a serious look at them until recently.  Why? Who knows?
     The first instance of this run of metal cards started in 1983 with a single issue inserted into cases of Topps Traded sets--Bronze Premiums.  In 1984, a complete set of 12 different metal cards could be purchased in either bronze or silver--Gallery of Immortals/Champions.  Also in 1984, the first Pewter Bonuses were inserted into Topps Tiffany cases (later into Gallery of Champions cases), as well as the 2nd release of the Bronze Premiums shown below.    

     The 1984 Topps Gallery of Champions Darryl Strawberry Bronze Premium could only be obtained through the purchase of a Topps Traded case.  This series--lasting from 1983-1991--could only be found in Bronze, which was in addition to the Gallery of Champions 12-card set.  Unlike the Bronze Premiums, the Pewter Bonuses replicated one card from Gallery of Champions set each year, which in 1984 was Tom Seaver.
     The first three Bronze Premium releases (1983-1985) represented an additional card from the current year's Topps set, while the rest of the Bronze Premium releases (1986-1991) represented a vintage Topps card from the 1950's.  In 1995, Topps released a 12-card Bronze Medallion set representing 1960's cards.

     Here's to my first metal card.

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