Thursday, April 14, 2016

1959 Topps #179: Don Rudolph, Chicago White Sox, P

     Don Rudolph pitched for the White Sox from 1957-1959, but missed out on the opportunity to play in the World Series due to an early season trade to Cincinnati.  Rudolph served mostly as a reliever with the Reds striking out more than twice as many batters as he walked with a 2.67 SO/W ratio.  He would play for another couple of teams before the end of his major league career in 1964.  Rudolph retired as a player after two seasons in the minors in 1966.   

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  1. Rudolph was an interesting guy. He was married to a 'dancer' named Patti Waggin. I found some fun stuff on the happy couple when I blogged the 1959 set. Semi-NSFW