Tuesday, March 29, 2016

1952 Topps #109: Ted Wilks, Pittsburgh Pirates, P

     Ted Wilks went over to the Pirates in June of 1951 along with Joe Garagiola, Howie Pollet, Bill Howerton, and Dick Cole in a trade with the Cardinals for Cliff Chambers and Wally Westlake.  Wilks left St. Louis with two World Series rings acquired in 1944 against the Browns and 1946 against the Red Sox.  Wilks ended up leading the league in Saves and Game Pitched again in 1951, as he had done before in 1949.  With a 2.86 ERA in over 100 Innings Pitched, Wilks was coming off a pretty good season in 1951.  His 1952 season would be marked by an improved Win Percentage from .375 to .500, but Wilks would be traded again before the end of the 1952 summer to the Cleveland Indians where he'd finish out his MLB career in 1953.

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