Monday, March 14, 2016

1951 Topps #B20: Ralph Branca, Brooklyn Dodgers, P

     Ralph Branca rebounded in 1951 from an off year the previous season.  He pitched 204 innings in 42 games with a .520 Win Pct., a 3.26 ERA, and 118 K's.  13 of his 27 starts were for complete games, while 11 of his appearances were in the closer's role. 

Below is what my '51T Branca card looks like resting in its binder page.  The missing slot is for the last Dodgers card needed to complete my '51T Dodgers team set.  My 1951 set is integrated with both series (A & B) along with the two Traded/variation cards from the "A" series.  

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