Monday, March 28, 2016

1939 Play Ball #80: Pete Fox, Detroit Tigers, RF

     Pete Fox played a solid 13 seasons for the Tigers and Red Sox between 1933-1945.  At the age of 30 in 1939, Fox stacked 153 Hits, 24 Doubles, and 6 Triples with a .295 Batting Average over 519 AB's.  He had a World Series ring with the Tigers from their 1935 defeat of the Cubs, and another World Series appearance in a 1934 loss to the Cardinals.  Fox would have another opportunity to play in a World Series during his final season with the Tigers in a 1940 loss to the Reds.  He was a top 3 defensive player in the following categories for 1939: Putouts as RF, Assists as RF, Double Plays Turned as RF/OF, Range Factor/Game as RF, and Fielding % as RF.

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