Thursday, March 3, 2016

1938 Goudey ('85 Galasso reprint) #250&274: Joe Dimaggio, New York Yankees, OF

In 1938, Joe DiMaggio was on his way to earning his 3rd consecutive All-Star team selection and World Series ring to start off his career.  Dimaggio's 1938 Goudey card is often considered an XRC next to his 1940 Play Ball RC--when in fact--Dimaggio also had a 1936 World Wide Gum card release before both of these in the traditional card size by a Canadian company.  The 1938 Goudey set released two versions of 24 different cards to make the complete set of 48 cards.  The second version of each card included informational sketches about the player.  Other earlier versions of DiMaggio in a Yankees uniform were so large that you'd need something like a 2-pocket page to store them in a binder.  Here are reprint versions of DiMaggio's first two American-made rookie cards.

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