Tuesday, March 8, 2016

1922 American Caramel 240 Series: Dixie Davis, St. Louis Browns, P

     Dixie Davis led the A.L. in Walks Allowed (149, 123) for two consecutive years ('20, '21) leading up to the 1922 season.  Although he significantly reduced the number of Walks Allowed (87) in 1922, Davis led the league in Hits Allowed per 9 Innings (8.4).  Surprisingly, Davis continued to post a winning record (.600, .500, .647) for an improving Browns team between 1920-1922.  Davis played for the Browns four more years through the 1926 season before finishing out his career in the minor leagues after 1931.  Davis also played for the Reds, White Sox, and Phillies earlier during his career beginning in 1912.

     This is my fourth original 1922 American Caramel-240 Series card (after C.Grimm, R.Maranville, & J.Tobin).  From my reprint set, I've replaced the reprinted Dixie Davis with my new original.  The 240-card set is organized in my binder by team performance, and then by player age.  Here, the Browns had the best record of all the teams that didn't make the World Series in 1922, and are shown right after the Yankees beginning with D.Danforth, K.Williams, W.Jacobson, U.Shocker, D.Davis, and H.Severeid.  I will continue replacing my reprints with originals as they are acquired.    

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