Tuesday, March 15, 2016

1887 Buchner Gold Coin (type A reprint): Cap Anson, Chicago White Stockings/Cubs, MGR/1B/3B

     Cap Anson was an original member of the inaugural Chicago White Stockings team when the National League was formed in 1876.  He played all 66 games at 1B during that year under Player/Manager Al Spalding.  By 1879, Anson would become the White Stockings' Player/Manager, and would remain so through the team's 22nd year of existence.  The White Stockings would change their name to the Colts in 1890, which they kept throughout the rest of Anson's career until 1897.  Chicago then changed their name to the Orphans for a few years between 1898-1902 before settling on their current team name in 1903--the Chicago Cubs.

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