Saturday, February 6, 2016

Spring is Almost Here

     For me, baseball is a year-round sport.  With the advent of 24-hour baseball radio, television, and internet, there's a lot of information to digest 365 days a year.  It seems like only yesterday that we were heading into late Fall at the end of an exciting World Series.  We made it through the hot stove season, awards ceremonies, winter meetings, hall of fame balloting, and free agency deals.  All the while, I remained deeply involved in developing my collection while catching up with all the latest baseball news.  For those not as crazy about baseball, it's still hard to deny that today represents the unofficial beginning of the 2016 baseball season--and it won't end again until November.  I flipped through my 18 years of Topps set binders and quickly chose the first card that made me think, "Baseball" from each year.  Obviously, not much time went into these selections.

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