Sunday, February 21, 2016

1954 Bowman #18 H.Evers, 41 A.Dark, 51 A.Kellner, 83 R.Murray

Four new '54Bs to add to my small collection of 13 cards.  The reason this set has advanced so slowly in my collection is that the selling prices aren't matching the book prices.  It'd be nice if a reprint set would be offered for the 1954 Bowman series.  In fact, reprint sets are available for all but the '54 and '55 Bowman sets.  I've managed to find a good number of deals on the '55Bs though.  I like the photographs and autographs on the '54Bs, but I'm not too crazy about the little colored tabs that the autos are written on.  I'm still trying to warm up to this set as one of my least favorite in the original Bowman series.  It's actually a tie between '49B and '54B right now.

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