Sunday, February 28, 2016

1951 Topps B-Series Lot (Blue Backs)

Well, I got a bunch of '51T B-series cards in the mail the other day.  I've been slowly chipping away at this tough to collect series since completing the A-series subset.  It was definitely a low-grade lot, with only one card outside of my normal "collect-ability" range--the Carrasquel RC missing half the paper on back.  My B-series set now includes 25 of 52 total cards with a grand total of 79 of 106 total cards in the 1951 Topps set.

Included in this lot are:

#B-3: Del Ennis
#B-14: Red Munger
#B-15: Eddie Joost
#B-18: Ned Garver
#B-19: Phil Masi
#B-24: Sherm Lollar
#B-25: Sam Mele
#B-26: Chico Carrasquel
#B-28: Harry Brecheen
#B-43: Willie Jones

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  1. The spambots are out in force tonight.

    I have been hunting for the Lollar for a while. Hard to find one at a price point I would pay, so I am jealous of this pickup. Even if the quality is low.