Thursday, February 18, 2016

1940 Play Ball #103: Elbie Fletcher, Pittsburgh Pirates, 1B

     Elbie Fletcher was a get-on-base machine, leading the league consecutively in OBP in 1940 (.418), 1941 (.421), and 1942 (.417).  After 12 seasons in the majors between 1934-1949, Fletcher had a career .384 OBP.  He also led the league in Walks in 1940 (119) and 1941 (118).  In 1940, Elbie Fletcher also led the league in Times Hit by a Pitch (9).  In 1943, he was selected to the All-Star team.  Fletcher played for the Boston Braves/Bees and Pittsburgh Pirates almost equally throughout his career although it started and ended with Boston.       

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