Saturday, February 27, 2016

1935 Goudey ('85 Galasso reprint) #27-5: Babe Ruth, Boston Braves, OF

Babe Ruth was released by the Yankees at the start of the 1935 Spring Training and signed the same day (2/26) with the Braves.  After coming off of 2 All-Star appearances in 1933 and 1934, Ruth's final year as a MLB player was probably a lot quieter.  He played in 28 games during his final year, scoring 13 Runs on 13 Hits with 6 HR's, 12 RBI, and 20 Walks.  Ruth played his final MLB game on May 30th, 1935.  This was his final card as a player.

The 1935 Goudey set can seem a little confusing.  There are 36 unnumbered card fronts featuring 4 players each.  30 of those card fronts feature four players on the same team.  6 of those card fronts feature four players on two or three different teams.  This creates difficulty for me in organizing my set in the usual way (by team performance and then player age), so I'm still trying to determine a method.  I'm not sure how pricing guides decided to number this set, but it's listed as card #27 (I'll explain the dash 5 below).  The Braves ended up being the worst team in the majors in 1935, so Ruth's card is currently situated at the end of the final page along with the other two Braves cards.

The 1935 Goudey card backs are what really adds to the confusion to this set.  There were 9 puzzle backs in this set:

1. Detroit Tigers (12 pieces)
2. Chuck Klein (6 pieces)
3. Frankie Frisch (6 pieces)
4. Mickey Cochrane (6 pieces)
5. Joe Cronin (6 pieces)
6. Jimmy Foxx (6 pieces)
7. Al Simmons (6 pieces)
8. Cleveland Indians (12 pieces)
9. Washington Senators (12 pieces)

Doing the math, you'd need at least 72 cards to get all of the puzzle pieces.  What Goudey did in 1935 was issue their 36 cards with 2-4 different puzzle backs, which ended up totaling 114 different front-back combinations.

This particular reprint card features a piece from puzzle 5, so this card is numbered #27-5.  Card #27 featured four different backs for puzzles 1, 3, 4, and 5.  The latter two are considered the most valuable cards in the set.  This 36-card reprint set completed puzzles 4-8.  I'm not sure if puzzles 1-3 and 9 are featured on other reprint sets, but would like to know if they are.  Guess I'll have to start collecting originals for the missing puzzle backs.  

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