Monday, February 29, 2016

1922 American Caramel 240 Series: Jack Tobin, St. Louis Browns, OF

Jack Tobin started his MLB career with the St. Louis Terriers of the Federal League that only lasted two seasons as a major league team: 1914-1915.  He, and 10 other of his teammates were purchased by the Browns of the American League after the F.L. folded in 1916.  Tobin would remain with the Browns for 10 years through 1925 before playing out his last couple of seasons with two more teams.  In 1922, Tobin was just coming off of a strong 1921 performance, leading the league with 179 Singles, 18 Triples, and 671 At Bats.  He didn't skip much of a beat in 1922 either, scoring 122 Runs on 207 Hits with 34 Doubles and a .331 Batting Average.  After the 1927 season, Tobin played three more years in the minors before hanging it up for good after 1930.

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