Sunday, December 6, 2015

1982 Topps set upgrade

I recently purchased a complete set of 1982 Topps baseball for the purpose of upgrading my personal collection.  My original set was purchased from the last card shop in a small college town during the early '00s.  I had been working my way down the Topps sets in reverse chronological order from 2001.  The card shop owner had begun to develop a level of trust in me and allowed me to take home a 5,000 count storage box full of '82T cards so that I could upgrade my personal set for free.  At the time, I still felt like I was trying to catch up after 10 years away from the hobby, and was more concerned with building new sets than with upgrading my existing collection.  That card shop no longer exists, as strip malls have since been constructed along the demolished site, nor do I  live near that town anymoore.  Although I'm still not all that big on card condition, I would certainly like to have that opportunity again today, as I do value cheap upgrades.  That was the last time that I upgraded my '82T set until this weekend.  Below, are a few of the superstars, key rookies, and other notable cards that were replaced from my original collection.


  1. Umm... who's the superstar on the Expos Rookies card?

  2. Great question. There is no superstar on the Expos Rookies card. I've revised my statement above to say "...superstar, key rookie, and other notable cards...".