Friday, October 2, 2015

My 1958 Topps Lot

I've never posted on 1958 Topps, and after looking at my collection below, you'll see why.  Of the 41 cards depicted below, 9 of them are reprints--leaving only 32 original cards in my '58T collection.  There are a couple of cards with significant paper loss on the back, which is uncommon and unacceptable in my collection.  I must have acquired those as part of a larger lot.  I have a few original hall-of-famers and other stars like Whitey Ford, Del Crandall, Johnny Antonelli, Mike Garcia, Larry Doby, Vic Wertz, and Whitey Herzog.

What's significant about this small collection are the Topps Commemorative cards from the late-'90s, which I've recently posted about on my other blog site.  My '58 Topps Collection has three cards from the '96T Mantle set, one card from the '97T Mays set, and one card from the '00T Aaron set.  These commemorative sets present a great opportunity to acquire high-valued stars at a reasonable rate.

Let's see.  The total value for originals of the 5 Commemorative reprint cards (#5, 30, 150, 418, 487) in my set would have been about $2100.  I acquired all 5 of them for about $1-$3 each.  No pressure over here.  I've also got a few more key reprints in this set from the '02 Topps Archives and '03 Topps Shoe Box Collection (both great sets that I do not own).  There are more reprints than I care to own in any of my vintage sets these days, but I haven't been too big on compiling sets from the late-'50s, so far.

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  1. That '58 All Star subset is a great favorite of mine. That Mantle All Star, reprint or not, is just a terrific card.