Saturday, October 24, 2015

1969 Topps Set Build w/ '68T & '69T inserts

Up until recently, I was concerned with how I'd be able to continue building sets from the late-'60s.  Since I'm only willing to pay up to 20% BV for '60s cards on average, finding reasonably priced commons for the '69T set can be challenging.  At a $1.50 BV, I'm looking to pay only up to $0.30 per card.  I used to large card shows and shops in Northern Virginia and the surrounding area, where good deals were easily found.  Now, I live 3-4 hours from the nearest card show locations with no card shops and have to rely primarily on online sources for most of my purchases.

Ebay has been a great source for my star card purchases and commons with higher book values from the early '50s, but it's been terrible for finding good deals on '60s commons.  Pick lots for more recent card sets offer a nice option for set builders, but there really are no good pick lots for '60s cards back.  Sellers are asking for over $1.00 per card for lower grade commons, which doesn't even include shipping charges.  Well, enough ranting.  

I recently signed up on the Trading Card Database (Toppsbawlyn87), and read a forum about online sources for common card purchases.  Someone mentioned Sportlots among others, so I decided to give the websites a look.  I found these 53 cards from two different sellers on Sportlots for under $30 total.  Many of the cards were listed for as low as $0.18 before shipping, which fit my budget.  What brought the price to over a $0.50 per card average were the Brooks Robinson, Rod Carew, Hank Aaron, and Willie Mays cards shown below.  I also acquired other big name players like Red Schoendienst, Bill Mazeroski, Tony Oliva, Juan Marichal, and Denny McLain.  Overall, I was well within my 20% BV maximum.  I'm definitely a fan of Sportlots now, and will be looking to fill in some more of my other late '60s card sets.

I only recently began collecting '60s insert sets.  The two shown are are my favorite two from the decade.  The 1968 Topps Game insert set strongly resembles Topps' first set from 1951.  If you've read more than a just of my past posts, you're probably aware that I'm a strong proponent for the 1951 Topps set.  The 1968 Topps Game insert set makes for a nice tribute to the '51T set.  It only contains 33 cards, and is really affordable.  The 1969 Topps Deckle Edge insert set is also a very affordable set with a total of only 35 cards.  It's a surprise to me that these two insert sets don't seem to get talked about much.  

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