Sunday, August 30, 2015

1941 Play Ball #7: Harry "The Horse" Danning, New York Giants, C

With the acquisition of my first '41 Play Ball baseball card, I've now compiled cards from each of the 3 major Play Ball sets from 1939-1941.  Play Ball certainly improved each year going from simply a B&W photograph, to adding a name plate on the front, and finally to a colorized photo with a name plate on front.  The '41 Play Ball don't look too different from the '49 Bowmans with similarities to the previous '40 set.

Harry Danning played 10 consecutive seasons in the majors from 1933-1942 with the New York Giants.  He made the All-Star team 4 consecutive times in '38, '39, '40, and '41.  Although Danning never won a World Series ring, he did appear during two seasons in '36 and '37, but losing both times to the New York Yankees.  Danning was most known for his defensive performance behind the plate--often leading the league in Putouts, Assists, and Double Plays Turned as a Catcher.

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