Sunday, June 28, 2015

1951 Topps Baseball Partial Set

Lots of new vintage additions although relatively few posts.  With 52 total cards from 1951 Topps, I've completed nearly half of the 106-card set (including variations).  Below, there are 45 A-Series/Redbacks and 7 B-Series/Bluebacks.  The two A-Series variation cards, which I like to refer to as Topps Traded cards are included below.  The two Traded cards consist of Gus Zernial as a White Sox and Athletic, and Tommy Holmes as a Brave and minor league manager.  The cards are organized by team sets in order of team performance in 1951.  This was the year that the Yankees won their 3rd consecutive World Series victory in a 5-year span.  Their opponent was the New York Giants, who beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in a tie-breaker playoff game to win the N.L. pennant.

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