Sunday, February 1, 2015

1948 Bowman #32: Bill Rigney, New York Giants, 2B

In anticipation of my upcoming post about the second part of my recent trade (hint hint), I realized that I've never posted a blog about any of my '48 Bowmans (all two of them).  Besides the motor oil looking stain on the left and a horizontal crease through the middle, this is a really nice looking card.  The centering, corners, and edges would all rate very well, so it's only the surface that restricts the grading of this one.  Since Beckett allows up to two half-grade increases to the lowest rating when all other areas are exceptionally higher, I think card is a perfect example of when that principle would be applicable. 

There probably aren't too many people around that still remember Bill Rigney as an All-Star player in 1948, a World Series contender in 1951, or the rest of his eight years as a major league infielder for the New York Giants between 1946-1953.  Many people, however, will still remember Rigney during his managerial career, which lasted through 1976.  He managed 3 different teams during 18 seasons between 1956-1976.  Rigney was the last manager of the New York Giants, and the first manager of the San Francisco Giants.  He managed the original Los Angeles Angels in 1961, and remained the team's manager through their name change to the California Angels in 1965, and throughout the rest of the '60s decade.  Rigney managed the Twins for a few years in the early '70s before finishing out his managerial career with his original team.

1948 Bowman baseball cards are much smaller than today's modern baseball cards, which varied in sizes before 1957.  These cards are identical in size to the 1949 Bowmans, the 1950 Bowmans, and the 1951 Topps cards.  I store them in 9-pocket pages as shown below by first inserting them sideways into individual card holders that have been cut down to 2-1/2 inch lengths.  Here is the New York Giants team set from 1948.  I replace the reprints with originals as I acquire them.


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