Thursday, February 5, 2015

1948 Bowman #31: Bill McCahan, Philadelphia Athletics, P

The second '48 Bowman baseball card that I ever owned was acquired within the past year or so.  Somewhat like the 1970 Topps set, the '48B had to grow on me over time before I could gain an appreciation for these cards (at least the '70T set was in color).  Considered to be the first baseball card set of the post-WWII "modern" era, this was the only set issued to date that was printed completely in B&W.  Well, the 1953 Bowman set actually contained 64 B&W cards and 160 different Color cards, which I consider to combine to form a 224-card total set.  Although a 48-card baseball set is hardly representative of available talent for any given year, this set did mark the start of an unbroken streak of baseball card production to this day.

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