Friday, January 30, 2015

1950 Bowman #174 H.Thompson, #232 A.Rosen, & #234 B.Shantz

Last year, I completed my first baseball card trade since the 1980's.  With this post, I've officially completed my second trade in over 25 years.  This recent trade, added 8 new cards to my vintage collection today.  This post will focus on the three '50 Bowman cards I received, which brings me to within 16 cards of completing the last set ever produced prior to the Topps baseball card world takeover.  These cards helped me to complete two team sets: Giants and Athletics.  My next post will focus on the other 5 cards from this trade.

The first card in this lot is #174 Hank Thompson, who's professional career actually began at the age of 17 with the Kansas City Monarchs.  Thompson played his first season in the major leagues with the St. Louis Browns in 1947.  He went back to K.C. briefly in 1948, before getting back to the majors with the New York Giants in 1949.  Thompson appeared in two World Series throughout his career, scoring a total of 3 Runs against the Yankees in 1951, and batting .364 in 11 AB's against the Indians in 1954.  The Giants won it all in 1954.  Thompson would continue to play out the rest of his major league career with the Giants in New York throughout 1956.

Also appearing on the field during the 1954 World Series was #232 Al Rosen, making his 2nd appearance.  Rosen played his entire career with the Cleveland Indians from 1947 to 1956.  He experienced a World Series Championship early on during his career against the Boston Braves in 1948.  Rosen was a 4-time All-Star between 1952-1955, and won the A.L. MVP title in 1953 after leading the league in Runs, HR's, RBI, SLG, OPS, and TB.  He was the A.L. Homerun champion in 1950.

#234 Bobby Shantz had a fairly lengthy career of 16 years in the majors with 7 different teams--mostly with the Philadelphia/Kansas City Athletics.  The year before Rosen won the A.L. MVP, Bobby Shantz held that title as the Philadelphia A's pitcher in 1952 (when he won 24 games with a 2.48 ERA in 279.2 innings pitched).  Of his 33 starts that year, 27 of them were complete games.  Shantz made the All-Star team 3 times during his career, with the last time being in 1957 when Shantz would also win his first of 8 total Glove Glove awards.  Also in 1957 was Shantz' first year of two total World Series appearances.  His second World Series appearance was in 1960.

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