Sunday, November 9, 2014

Building the 1969 Topps Baseball Card Set

With my recent completion of the '70T set, all that's left for me now are the truly vintage Topps sets from the '50s and '60s.  I never thought that I'd actually make it to a point where these were the only Topps baseball cards missing from my collection.  The 1st 1960's card that I ever owned was a '69T #30 Bob Allison, Minnesota Twins, Outfielder.  I don't remember how or when I acquired it, but it must have been sometime during my original collecting period between 1987-1991.  I kept that card in a glass case for many years until I started finding '69T cards at 3/$1.00 deals at card shows beginning around 2001.  I didn't start seriously collecting the 1969 Topps set until this year--after completing the '70T, '71T, and '72T sets.

It's actually been a good year in card collecting for me, but my recent relocation has brought me to an area where I no longer have easy access to large card shows.  The nearest location for me to find a large card show is probably about 4 hours away.  This will certainly present an issue for collecting the '69T set.  Common cards from this set book between $1.50-$3.00, which means that I looking to pay between $0.30-$0.60 for common card (20% BV).  These kind of deals aren't available online, so going to card shows is the only other way for me to build this set.  At this point, I've managed to compile 515 of the 664 total cards in this set (or 516 of 666 if you count the two pose variations).  Most of the 149 (or 150) missing cards left to gain are common to minor star players that aren't worth enough to pay the minimum $1 per card rate available online.  I need 3 for a $1 or better.

Above, I have displayed 9 of the top 11 most valued cards from the '69T set.  The two missing are Mickey Mantle, and Nolan Ryan.  The Mantle Commemorative shown below makes for a nice filler card until I'm able to find a real at a reasonable rate--which rarely occurs for Mantle cards.  I only recently acquired the Reggie Jackson RC. 


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  1. Good luck with your quest for the remaining 1969 cards REJ!

    I had all the series 1 - 6 cards in 1969, and bought all the 7th series cards in the 1980s at card shows, so now I have all 666 cards (Yes, I count Clay Dalrymple and Donn Clendenon twice, although I don't choose to collect all the yellow/white lettering variations on some cards. Not sure why.)