Friday, October 24, 2014

Completion of the 1970 Topps set with a #670 acquisition

Yesterday, my mailbox left me a low-grade Ron Santo Topps baseball card from 1970.  Rarely, do I stray from my 20% BV limit on purchasing cards from the early '70s, but here's one of those exceptions.  At a purchase price of 55% BV, not only did I pay nearly 3 times my upper limit, but I also paid about 5 times what the card is worth considering its condition.  Why would a smart collector do this?

This was my final missing card from the 1970 Topps set, which also means that this was my final missing card to complete the entire '70s decade of Topps baseball cards.  The '70T Santo card has eluded me for quite some time, selling online for well above listed values.  Considering that this is a high-number card of a now Hall-of-Fame player, it's probably undervalued in comparison with  other cards in this set (minor star?).  Perhaps, Beckett should look at readjusting Santo's value, now that he's in the Hall-of-Fame.

The 1970 Cubs team was full of stars like Leo Durocher, Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Johnny Callison, Ron Santo, and Fergie Jenkins.  This was a team coming off of a 5th place record in the majors in 1969.

Unless there's some sentimental value attached to it, the 1970 Topps set is probably not the most attractive set to collectors at first glance.  This one had to grow on me, but it does fit well beside the 1971 Topps set, and makes for a great transitionary set from the cards of the '60s to the cards of the '70s.  The card back still somewhat resembles the card backs of the late '60s cards, and features the full career statistics for every player unlike the '71T set.

Now that I've completed all of the Topps sets down to 1970, my vintage collecting focus can now shift completely into the '60s and '50s.  At the top of my list for '60s sets are the 1962, 1966, and 1969 Topps sets.  With only 150 something cards missing from the '69T set, it will be difficult for me to complete online being that low grade commons are worth 3 for a $1.00 to me.  There's no one selling pick-lots for a reasonably price online.  Since I've recently moved away from the big city area, where large card shows are abundant, the '69T set may take a while.  The '66T set is another tough one to find high-number cards at the listed values, and may also take a while.  My '62T set is well on its way to completion within the next couple of years, and will probably be the first '60s set I complete.

From the '50s, I'm most interested in the '50 Bowman, '51 Topps, and '54 Topps sets.  I'm also looking to compile as many '55T and '56T cards as I can find without a serious effort to complete those sets right now.  My '50B set is only 26 cards short of completion, and will probably be the first one for me in the '50s. 

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