Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pages from my '50B Binder: Washington Senators Team Set

After compiling more than 75% of the 1950 Bowman set, I have finally completed my first team set.  The 1950 Bowman Washington Senators consists of 14 different player cards.  From oldest to youngest, the Senators cards included in this team set are:

#143- Eddie Stewart, OF
#144- Al Evans, C
#17- Sid Hudson, P
#160- Mickey Harris, P
#108- Rae Scarborough, P
#161- Sherry Robertson, IF
#18- Eddie Robinson, 1B
#53- Clyde Vollmer, OF

#15- Al Kozar, 2B
#52- Sam Mele, OF
#107- Sam Dente, SS
#54- Gil Coan, OF
#247- Irv Noren, OF
#162- Eddie Yost, 3B

The first page of Senators players has a space because it has been reserved for the last St. Louis Cardinals player, which was the team with the next best record in 1950.  Following the Washington Senators for team record in 1950, were the Cincinnati Reds.

What's nice about the size of the 1950 Bowman set is that the 252 total cards fit nicely into 28 full pages of 9-pocket card protectors.  I've cut standard-sized single card protectors to store my '50 Bowmans snugly into the 9-pocket pages, adding addition protection for each card. 

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