Friday, May 9, 2014

Major Milestones: Completed '72 & '71 Topps sets on same day

     I've stated this time and time again on previous posts:  the 1972 Topps set is more difficult to complete than the 1971 and 1970 sets.  Today, I received the final missing cards to complete both sets on the same day.  I didn't start collecting the '71 set until a couple of years after I had already started collecting the '72 set (and the '70 set a couple of years after that.  I probably started collecting the '72 set seriously around 2007.  When I got to the final two series (526-656 and 657-787), it became a lot tougher to find cards priced under 20%-25% BV.  I eventually got stuck on the '72 set, and for the first time, gave in to collecting two sets at once.  I probably got serious about the '71 set around 2009, and found collecting these cards at strictly under 20% BV much simpler than I did collecting '72s at under 20%-25% BV.  Of course, advancement began to slow while collecting the higher numbers, but it was nowhere near what I experienced trying to put together the '72 high numbers.  I eventually opened up to collecting a third set at the same time around 2011, and found the 1970 Topps set the simplest of the three to build at 20% BV.    

     Beckett currently lists the set values at: $2k for 1970, $2.5k for 1971, and $1.5k for 1972.  That's all fine and dandy, but the market is telling a different story.  Perhaps, these sets should be rearranged accordingly: $1.5k for 1970, $2.0k for 1971, and $2.5k for 1972.  What this all means is that it is probably better to purchase a complete set of 1972 Topps than to try and put it together individually.  I'm glad this chapter has been closed in my book.  Finishing off those last 11 cards from the 1970 set will complete the entire decade in which I was born.  I'm looking forward to begin focusing solely on the classics from the '50s and '60s.   

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  1. Great post... I am experiencing the same difficulty with the 72 set as well. I wish I could go back in time and tell my 9 year old self in 1972 to keep buying baseball cards well into September and forget about the football cards. I guess it will be a long journey to the finish line