Monday, May 12, 2014

'50B Whiz Kid- Konstanty, '51T Red- Westlake, & '51T Blue- Sain

     Three exciting acquisitions today in a couple of sets that are rapidly becoming some of my all-time favorites.  Interestingly, my post earlier today mentioned today's top acquisition in Johnny Sain, who was traded along with Country Slaughter from the Yankees to the original Kansas City Athletics.  Here's Sain is shown during his final year with his own original Boston Braves team in 1951.  The Braves would traded Johnny Sain to the Yankees near the end of the regular season for Lew Burdette.  Luckily for Sain, 1951 would begin the start of three consecutive World Series Championships against the Giants and Dodgers, in which Sain would pitch a total of 13.2 innings over 4 games.  Sain had previously appeared in the 1948 World Series with his original Braves ballclub against the Indians.

     Jim Konstanty was actually teammates with Johnny Sain for one season in 1946.  Here, he is pictured with the 1950 World Series contending Philadelphia Phillies, where Konstanty spent the majority of his career between 1948-1954.  Konstanty pitched total during 3 games in the '50 World Series against the unbeatable New York Yankees, who were on the road towards 5 consecutive championships; however; Konstanty was able to maintain a 2.40 ERA throughout the 15 inning ordeal.  The Yankees would eventually claim Konstanty on waivers near the end of the '54 season, where he would remain for parts of three years before finishing out the rest of his final season with the Cardinals in 1956.

     Wally Westlake played in the Majors for 6 different teams throughout his ten year career between 1947-1956.  Here, he is shown with his original Pittsburgh Pirates ballclub during his final season with the team before being traded along with Cliff Chambers to the St. Louis Cardinals for Joe Garagiola and four others.  Westlake would eventually appear in the '54 World Series as a Cleveland Indian against the champion Giants team.

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