Sunday, May 11, 2014

1972 Topps Topics, Pt. 1: In Action subset

     Now that I've completed the '72 Topps set, the task of organizing the subset cards in the back of my binder continues to "puzzle" me.  While building a set, I typically tend to place all of the subset cards in the back of my binder in numerical order.  After I complete a set, however, the subset cards are rearranged in some type of logical sequence.  For the '72 set, this is still a work in progress. 

     The '72T set has a lot of subset cards, so I'm breaking this topic into two different posts.  The first post is focused primarily on all of the "In Action" cards.  I've scanned all of these binder pages herein.  The four cards above have been rearranged to display only the subset cards starting with the 3 rookie cards that don't fit into a team set and the first "In Action" card.  Many of the backs of these "In Action" cards contain advertisements, but there are other features as well.

     There were four 6-piece puzzles that could be formed using the back of these "In Action" cards, so I rearranged my first four pages of subset cards to properly display these puzzles.  Puzzle A features Carl Yastrzemski of the Boston Red Sox (#'s 564, 558, 560, 570, 556, 562). 

     Puzzle B features Joe Torre of the St. Louis Cardinals (#'s 572, 566, 568, 552, 574, 554).

     Puzzle C features Tony Oliva of the Minnesota Twins (#'s 702, 712, 714, 698, 708, 704).

     Puzzle D features Tom Seaver of the New York Mets (#'s 706, 700, 710, 696, 692, 694).

     Six of the "In Action" cards featured a history of League Pennant Winners, Leading Batsmen, and Leading Pitchers dating back to the start of the 20th Century.  These are card #'s 178, 170, 172, 166, 168, and 176.

     Ten of the card backs feature a baseball rules trivia titled "So You're a Baseball Expert" by Harry Simmons, which recounts actual scenarios in baseball history was an outcome solution presented.  These are card #'s 292, 294, 296, 298, 300, 302, 304, 306, 308, 312.

     Eleven of the "In Action" card backs display stories from prominent newspaper articles highlighting events from the '71 season.  These are card #'s 426, 428, 430, 432, 434, 436, 438, 440, 442, 446, 448.

     "In Action" cards were featured in Topps sets for 1962 and 1982 as well.

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