Sunday, May 4, 2014

1970 Topps #609: Buck Martinez, Kansas City Royals, C

     Let's get back to the early '70s for just a second.  Here's another '70 Topps card to add to my collection of 709 out of 720 cards now.  With a Buck Martinez rookie, I've now completed all of the Kansas City Royals team sets to present except for their inaugural year of 1969.  Martinez can still be heard broadcasting play-by-play for the Toronto Blue Jays where he finished his playing career between 1981-1987.  He played for a total of 17 seasons over an 18 year span with 3 different teams.  Buck's 2nd team was the Milwaukee Brewers between 1978-1980.  Half of his career was with the Royals between 1969-1977.  Martinez was a member of the original '69 Royals team, and a significant contributor to the '76 ALCS vs. the New York Yankees, where he batted .333 with 4 RBI in 15 AB's over the 5-game series. 

     This is a solid [EX 5.0] card worth about 40% BV, which is exactly what I was able to find it for.  The centering is 65/35 L-R on the front with is clean surface.  The corners are fuzzy with a minor ding on the top-left.  The edges only show wear on the back.  What interests me about this card is the fact that the number circle on the back where it says, "Topps 609" is white instead of yellow.  I skimmed through all of my '70s Topps cards and noticed that none of the other player cards have a white circle; only the subset cards like the All-Stars, League Leaders, and Playoffs, etc. 

Here's what my binder page containing the Buck Martinez card looks like.  As you can see, Martinez was the youngest player on the '70 Royals team set next to the Amos Otis, the original Billy Butler, and Al Fitzmorris/Scott Northey.  As a team, the '70 Royals had a better winning percentage than the Seattle Pilots/Milwaukee Brewers, San Diego Padres, and Chicago White Sox.

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