Monday, May 5, 2014

1969 Topps #539: Ted Shows How (Mike Epstein - Ted Williams)

     This post isn't so much about Ted Williams demonstrating the art of hitting as it is about the beginning of my shift in focus from early-'70s to late-'60s Topps baseball cards.  Yesterday, I completed both the 1972 and 1971 Topps sets (posts to follow).  With only 11 cards left to go in the 1970 set, it's the 248 missing cards from my 1969 set that begin moving to the forefront of future posts.  

     There is one major concern that must be considered when collecting the '69 set online.  Good deals on lower grade common cards are not to be found online.  With the BV for many commons ranging from $1.50-$2.00, looking for cards at 20% BV is nearly impossible to find online.  Sure, the '70, '71, and '72 sets have cards valued in a similar range, but to a much lesser extent.  High-number '69s (and even '68s) are not all that rare, and command little more in value than do the low numbers. The key to collecting common cards for both the '68 and '69 sets for me will have to be card shows and shops.  Unfortunately, good shows and shops are not too abundant in my area, so I will have to rely mostly on my travels to locate these commons at a reasonable rate. 

     I was able to find this card nicely priced at $2.00 for less than 17% of its $12.00 BV, which was a really good deal for being a strong [VG+ 3.5] condition.  Set completion is now at 62%, which is more heavily weighted with stars than commons.

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