Wednesday, May 7, 2014

1950 Bowman lot: G.Munger #89, E.Stewart #143, & F.Baker #145

Here's a few more '50 Bowmans just added to my collection, which has now surpassed 70% completion.  

George Munger was a 3 time All-Star for the St. Louis Cardinals in '44, '48, and '49, where he spent the majority of his career.  Munger played for a total of 10 seasons in the majors between 1943-1956, finishing off with the Pittburgh Pirates.  He threw a complete game victory with an ERA of 1.00 in the '47 World Series against the Boston Red Sox.
Eddie Stewart played for 4 different teams between 1941-1954, with 1950 being his third and final season with his third team.  He finished second in the league that year in Double Plays turned as a Rightfielder with 3.  Stewart also finished second in the AL with 13 Triples during his first year with the Senators in '48.  He was traded to the White Sox for Mike McCormick after the '50 season.   
Floyd Baker began playing in the majors for the St. Louis Brown in 1943.  He played in two World Series games against the St. Louis Cardinals in 1944, before going to the Chicago White Sox in 1945 where Baker remained for the majority of his career through the '52 season.  Baker was teammates with Eddie Stewart for two years before being traded to Stewarts former team--the Washington Senators.  Floyd Baker was just coming off his league leading season in Fielding % as a 3B in 1950 as well as making the league top 3 in Double Plays as a 3B in both '47 and '49.  Baker continued playing in the majors through the '55 season. 

These are three nicer lower grades cards for my standards.  They appear to average around VG 3.0 overal with decent centering, surface, and edges.  The majority of the wear is at the corners, where minor rounding is evident. 

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