Friday, April 25, 2014

Mailbox: Some '62s and a '52T Reprint Set

Some new '62T high numbers showed up in my mailbox a couple of days ago. 

Nothing fancy here, just your typical hard-to-find overpriced common cards.

Now, here's something--a complete set of 1952 Topps baseball reprint cards from 1983.  I've been waiting 26 years to obtain this set, or at least reprints for the set.  For a long time I thought that 1952 was the first Topps set, but regardless, it is certainly the most valuable.  I actually only discovered the existence of this reprint set sometime after getting back into the hobby after 2001.  Knowing that I will never have even a remote chance of completing a '50s Topps collection, I started out by purchasing a '53T reprint set a few years ago.  Next, I found a '54T reprint set at a decent price.  Now, I have completed my early '50s Topps reprint sets with the the following acquisition.     

The '52T reprint set is actually missing 5 of the 407 cards due to lack of authorization for Topps to reprint them.  Those 5 cards are #20, 22, 159, 196, & 289.  So far, I have been able to obtain the Solly Hemus #196 card at a reasonable price, but will have to be patient for the others.  Like my other reprint sets from the early '50s, I have already begun to insert this one into 8-pocket pages according to player age by team winning percentage.  According to this system, the first card in the binder is former Yankees' coach, Jim Turner followed by Bill Dickey.  Casey Stengel should be the first card, but one was never produced for him in '52.  Also included in my '52T set are card #'s 408, 409, and 410 from the 1995 Topps Archives set for players that were never actually printed.  I also have a 'cards that never were' reprint for a '52T Joe Dimaggio who actually retired after the end of the '51 season.  I intend to get 'fake' reprints of this set for players like Ted Williams, Stan Musial, and other key players that should have had a card in this set.  I'm doing the same for the '53 and '54 reprints sets as well.

Just like my other vintage reprint sets, I insert the original cards in place of the reprints as they are obtained.  In this case, I only have 11 originals for 1952, focusing the majority of my vintage effort on the 1950 Bowman and 1951 Topps sets.  I'm sure there'll be some postings showcasing my reprint set in the near future.

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