Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mailbox: '67T A's Team, '68T Billy Williams, & '72T high #

     Who doesn't like to see a team card in the front of their binder team sets?  While searching for a few reasonably priced '67ers, I came across the A's final card as a team in Kansas City.  As a KC fan, I figured $1.49 was a decent price for a $4.00 card in [VG-EX+ 4.5] condition.  Only the L-R centering puts this card below EX.  I've now compiled a total of 12 team cards for the '67 set, which features HOFer Catfish Hunter.  Reggie Jackson was actually a part of the '67 team, but it's actually the '66 team depicted on the card.

     Has anyone else noticed that Billy Williams cards list for much higher than price guides tend to advertise?  The same seems to go for Ron Santo cards as well.  Going down the line of listed stars for the '68 set, I punched in #37 for Billy Williams and found this $8.00 card for $1.75, so I jumped on it.  I typically try to remain within 20% BV (or $1.60), but like I said, Williams and Santo card prices don't seem to align well with their book value.  I'd call this one a [VG+ 3.5] due to the absence of creasing, nice edges, and minor corner wear with dings.  It's the scuffed surface that holds down the value of this one--a good deal regardless.  With this acquisition, I have the completed the Banks, Williams, Santo set for the '68 Cubs, which also features Leo Durocher as manager and young pitcher, Fergie Jenkins.

     My final Mailbox acquisition today brings me within 2 cards of completing the 1972 Topps baseball set of 787 cards (I actually have one more on the way).  I would recommend to anyone just beginning this set to purchase it whole if at all possible, because the high numbers from #526-656 and #657-787 are more difficult to obtain than any vintage Topps set dating back to 1967.  Of the three sets between 1970-1972, this set should command the highest value according to the cost of collecting it, but doesn't.  I used to collect sets strictly in reverse consecutive order, but since working on the '72 set, I've come within 2 cards of the '71 set and 13 cards of the '70 set before completing this one.  At $3.01, diamond-cut Pat Jarvis was well worth it to me.

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