Friday, April 25, 2014

Mailbox: '57T, '62T, '63T, & '65T F.Robinson

My mailbox brought me quite an assortment of singles yesterday.  The '57T Charley Thompson card was an attraction at just $1.  Actually, I try to purchase just about every Pre-1957 Topps card I find at $1--'57s too I guess.  Hal Woodeshick (how's that pronounced?) is another high-number wood-grained classic for my collection, which now approaching 75% completion.  I like the '63s, but currently only look for super bargains of key cards to improve the appearance of my '63 binder.  Team cards and League Leaders certainly fall into that category for me.  The same concept goes for the '65 set.  Former Reds player, Frank Robinson, will fit very nicely next to my new '65T Pete Rose, currently sitting in my binder without any other Reds buddies.  This would be F.Robinson's final car in a Reds uniform as he was traded to the Orioles, were he helped them win the World Series in 1966. 

Card backs made for a colorful pastel collage between 1963-1970--a lot of interesting information if you have the time.  Today, I don't. 

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